Steven Rinella

Havalon hunting and fishing knives have been around a long time but it wasn't until the famous MeatEater star Steven Rinella started using them on show did they really gain traction.

Until then who would have thought using a tiny surgical blade would be the best way to dissecting an entire animal! 
Havalon pioneered the surgical hunting knife systems. These knives are incredibly light and versatile. There are so many blade options including skinning blades, saws, spikers and more.

Havalon are known for making the worlds sharpest blades, and sharp they are! Utilising a genuine medical grade, chemically and hygienically airtight sealed blade which will stay sharp on a whole animal. And once it looses its edge? Just replace it with a new one. They are cheap and affordable and will sae you time and money. 

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