Spuhr manufactures the worlds most advanced optical mounting solutions.

These mounting solutions are overwhelming used by the best competitive shooters in the world. Judged by the results from the USA Precision Rifle series (PRS) and National Rifle League (NRL), they are used by over 1/3 of the 150+ competitors. SPUHR is "What the Pros use".
most popular scope mount rings and bases


These mounting solutions are made in two series. The ISMS (stands for Ideal Scope Mount Systems) which is used for military and extreme shooting and the Hunting Series. The Hunting Series are basically a lighter, more practical and less tactical version of the ISMS. They are used for the people that don't need the most robust product on the planet but still need reliability and a perfect zero.

Target Species holds the largest stock of SPUHR mounts in New Zealand. Buy from us with confidence. If you are after a mount that we don't currently stock get in touch and we can put it on order for you.