XLR Industries are the makers and world leaders in Precision Full Aluminum Rifle Chassis's. Aluminum Chassis are superior to Rifle Stocks having a solid 1-piece CNC'd deisng and are made for Hunters, Competitive shooters and hobbyists.

XLR Chassis imageXLR are famous not just for being the makers of the worlds lightest chassis system comprising of a carbon fibre buttstock and grip but also winning many of the worlds extreme long-range shooting competitions. XLR stands apart from the competition and really put a bullet in traditional guns stocks. Their innovative and modular designs allows for bolt on extras like the folding buttstock and M-LOCK rail with their unlimited accessories available.

XLR chassis show imageBut that is not what is so interesting about XLR, XLR will increase a rifles accuracy and capabilities to shooting out past the 2-mile mark for that experienced shooter. Their chassis’s are bulletproof and can take whatever bashing you throw at them. 
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